Topic: Avatrade are scammers and thieves

AVATRADE are scammers and thieves, they have stolen my funds. I opened an Australian FX account and deposited several thousand dollars into their Australian bank account Avatrade Capital Markets Pty Ltd. Note: An AU account is regulated by ASIC and by law funds must remain in a segregated account in Australia. I did not ever see funds in my live account not a cent nor did I even place one trade. Things were suspicious right from day one so I requested my funds be returned and account closed. That was almost 6 weeks ago and still no return of funds.

Here's the cracker, these fraudsters first said my money never turned up, then they told me it had been found but they had to figure out how to wire transfer it back to me. That implies that they have moved my money illegally out of Australia to their Irish/UK bank. 5 weeks later I get an email from the "regional manager" Philip Keil stating that he will do his best to speed things up and they are trying to find my where money is, then he ceases communication. Really boys WTF?, either you are all really stupid or you have absolutely no ethics whatsoever. Get your **** together please.

These guys are complete jokes.

Of course for me, a small time trader on a disability pension with a chronic illness ,trying to make some coin to support my family because I'm incapacitated and can't work in a normal job, makes it even more unethical. It's infuriating, its now been almost 6 weeks since the funds left my account, I cannot pay my rent this month and I cannot trade with another broker because these clowns have stolen my money. My bank has confirmed Avatrade received the funds and when I asked my bank to recall the funds they informed me that Avatrade had been unresponsive. I have everything in writing.

So DO NOT under any circumstances ever deposit money or open an account with these morons of AVATRADE . They will steel for you or at the very least make your life hell.

Prove me wrong AVATRADE and return my money. You thieves. The actual transfer of my funds should take 24 hours not 6 weeks and headsup boys, I will take this to the highest legal authority no matter what.

PS if anyone else has experienced their ultimate lameness and needs to contact key staff, as they are not transparent in any way, here are their email details below:

Avatrade CEO - Dáire Ferguson [email protected]

Avatrade CFO Joe Seery [email protected]

Avatrade VP Compliance Ian Webb [email protected]

Avatrade “Regional Manager” Philip Keil [email protected]