Topic: How AvaTrade scammed its victims and took a lot of money from them

AVATRADE Scam is a fraud that was committed by AvaTrade, a trading firm with lots of experience and goodwill. Certain stuff about AvaTrade is that it lead to a lot of investors lose their money and it was soon found out that they would not be refunded back their money. Sad but true, what we can say is that from now on, you should be really safe and secure as to where you should invest your money and where you shouldn’t as AvaTrade scam took the whole industry by shock.

The worst thing about AVATRADE was the type of trades that they promised and they didn’t go with their promise and soon changed it to an entirely profit-making business model. They promise commission-free trades that look to be really fishy. Trading will be an expensive process. You need to handle so a lot of stuff concurrently which includes staff salaries, site maintenance, server expenses, taxes, as well as other fees as well. When this occurs, how it is usually even possible to be able to offer no-commission investments in the initial place itself. We found out of which the broker frequently charges commissions dependent on the bank account types. There usually are other hidden costs as well.

Also, AVATRADE withdrawal issues was a constant risk. They will say that these people have some kind of tax issues or even some government connection issues where a new trader can withdraw money only in addition to only if this individual makes huge earnings and all randomly crap like that. Sometimes, they would call the victims much later, probably after months and say that in order to withdraw the funds, you need to make another deposit to help you with the withdrawal process. This was some serious stuff going around and that’s when the investigative bodies decided to conduct a search on AvaTrade and found out that they were constantly telling all the victims to make more and more deposits to help one in the profit-making process.